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Welcome to Mambalam Iyers,

Mambalam Iyers brand food products are manufactured by Mambalam Iyers Food Products Pvt Ltd. In this fast changing world with no time to spare, the concept of fast foods has made tremendous in roads in each and every house. With both the husband and wife employed, they find little time to concentrate on cooking leisurely with the result fast foods have come as a boon to the modern nuclear family.


There is no trade without competition and obviously `fast food` business too is no exception. But not all are successful. In tune with the famous adage `only the fittest survives` there have been only a few companies that have survived the stiff competition and overcome recession periods. One among them is Mambalam Iyers brand.


The specialty of Mambalam Iyers Food Products is unique in the sense in tune with the name the products are manufactured by women keeping in the mind the needs of the women. Having ventured in a very small way from their houses they have carried the business in a big way with their own ultra modern manufacturing facilities. They have carved a niche for themselves and established a considerable lead over their competitors within a short span of time.


Through this concept has now become quite common, the credit goes to these women who have introduced this novel idea. The massive reception they received from the customers for their products enthused them to manufacture more products under their brand 'mambalam Iyers Samayal Ippo Romba Easy'.


The main reason for our success is that we do not compromise on quality in any manner. Each and every product manufactured by us undergoes quality checking at various stages. The products are manufactured and packaged by automated machines without manual touch and hence utmost care is taken to see that they do not get unhygienic. Products are tested in our own lab and government approved international labs.


It is a matter of pride and honour to say that all those products that have shelf life are manufactured under hygienic conditions.

Mamabalam Iyers:       Samayal Ippo Romba Easy..!!